Exhibition Hall

Russian Academy of Arts

Выставочный зал Российской академии искусств

The Russian Academy of Arts Exhibition Hall is located in Moscow, in a super modern building on 3rd Frunzenskaya Street.

It’s up to very modern quality: a set of newest equipment for exposition of paintings and graphical works, halogen lights, modern suspension system and
audio and video equipment.

We questioned ourselves. What should our viewers finally get? It had to be a great potential of art, its welding power, abilities to resist recipes of mass culture, a so called actual or one-time art preferred by curators of many recent exhibitions.

hall 2


зал академии скусств      DSC06713-1

We consciously called our place the Exhibition Hall, not gallery, and took the path of creative research instead of market. We display works of well educated painters, members of the Moscow Union of Painters, participants of many Russian and international exhibitions. Their art doesn’t always bring momentary benefits and has no relations to the world of modern fashion and high life. On the contrary, these painters use their talents and mastership to reflect their feelings, hopes and anxiety.

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About year ago we opened a gallery that promotes artists previously exhibited in the exhibition hall of the Russian Academy of Arts. The hall was opened with a personal exposition of EvgenyZevin’s paintings. Then there were the Oleg Savostyuk 80 Year Anniversary Exhibition; Alexander Lazarevich Exhibition of Ceramics, the very first exhibition of Still Life Project; Gobelin and Graphics – Two Wings of a Family Muse featuring AllaShmakova and Vyacheslav Pavlov; Ivan Bruni; a group exhibition of paintings titled Biblical Subjects; From Association to Abstraction; Moscow. TverskayaSolovki; From Rationalism to Intuitivism; I Hear Voices – Paintings by Vladimir Roskin and a lot of others.



Evgeny Zevin- Ten Commandments

Evgeny Zevin «Ten Commandments», oil on canvas, 300 x 250 cm, 2014