Oleg Savostyuk

Savostyuk Oleg

Oleg Savostyuk

Oleg Savostyuk

Academician of The Russian Academy of Arts. Born on December 30, 1927 in Moscow. Poster Artist, Painter, Aquarellist, Graphic Artist.

Graduated from the V.I. Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute in 1953 (workshop of M.M. Cheremnykh and N.A. Ponomaryov).

People’s Artist of Russia, Honored Art Worker of Poland, Honored President of AIAH-UNESKO, Academy of Beaux-Arts Member, V.I. Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute Professor.

Companion of the Silver Medal of M.B. Grekov Studio.

The painter’s works were exhibited in: Moscow, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Voronezh, Penza, Lipetsk, Yekaterinburg, Kursk and abroad: Warsaw, Sofia, Paris, Budapest, Kuwait, Sweden, Cuba, the USA, etc.

Oleg Savostyuk’s paintings can be found in the State Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Central Armed Forces Museum, A.A. Bakhrushin Theatre Museum, Museum of Modern in Warsaw, other museums in Sofia, London, Italy, Taipei, Tokyo, private galleries in Russia and abroad.

Париж. Осенний день

«Париж. Осенний день»

Looking at Oleg Savostyuk’s paintings and posters you’ll never believe that all of them were made by one and the same man. Yet it is true. And the painter himself is aware of this duality. Moreover, he never hesitates to demonstrate it. There are two self-portraits at his exhibitions. The first one depicts a stylish master in a hat and a raincoat with Dr. Faust-like ironical eyes. The second portrait let us see a good-natured prosperous Russian peasant from the beginning of the past century. Two sides of a talent and lots of senses, shades, tones and colors between them. Oleg Savostyuk is a People’s artist of Russia in all the aspects. But who knows what kind of man he is?

In 1947 he entered the V.I. Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute. At first it was the Faculty of Pictorial Art but soon he was transferred to the Faculty of Graphic Art and found himself in the workshop of Mikhail Cheremnykh, the classical master of Soviet Agitation Art. By then Soviet Posters had lost their violent avant-garde pathos of the Revolution epoch. A blazing and rebellious broadsheet became an illustrative bill advising Soviet citizens to love the Communist Party.

Let’s render homage to Oleg Savostyuk. During decades he tried to preserve sharp shapes of a political poster. Working for Izogiz, Soviet Painter, Soviet Russian publishing agency or Agitplakat workshop of the Council of Soviet Painters, Oleg never forgets about propaganda brightness, expression and revolutionism. Oleg Savostyuk could literally reform the genre of poster art. In memory of his teacher he placed Mikhail.

Cheremnykh between Sergei Malyutin and Vladimir Mayakovski on his painting called Artists of the Revolution. In 1985 he also made an icon portrait of Cheremnykh. These works weren’t only signs of his respect but also reflected his love of the Russian avant-garde art unjustly forgotten during the Soviet era.



Oleg Savostyuk made a lot of theater posters. There he could use all sides of his talents and became a true master of improvisation and stylization. There is a work in almost every genre: classicism, impressionism, suprematism, etc. The cooperation between Oleg Savostyuk and the Bolshoi was especially prolific. He made more than 60 posters for spectacles and ballet shows: Golden Age and Bolt by Dmitry Shostakovich, Carmen by Bizet-Schedrin, The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky, War and Peace by Sergei Prokofiev, Hussar Ballad, Ivan the Terrible, The Gull… Every show could get its graphic image. «All his posters have a holyday feeling. Solemn, carnival, delicate, demotic, sad, merry, comic, tragic, smart or noble, — a painter Vladimir Pertsev noticed. — It can be a nice spot on a wall or an abstruse image. I’ve never seen such impressive posters.»

Savostyuk traveled a lot. His impressions were reflected in his paintings later exhibited in Russia and abroad. He lived and worked in Paris for a long time and this city saw the birth of many Oleg Savostyuk’s masterpieces. One of them called Snow in Paris the painter gave to his old friends from Voronezh — Kramskoy Art Museum. Today his works can be found anywhere from the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum in St. Petersburg to the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and various museums and private galleries in the USA, France, Italy, Finland, Spain, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Poland and Bulgaria. But for the master himself his exhibitions in Russia are the most important ones. «My works were exhibited in many countries, — Oleg once said. — And it didn’t make me so nervous. But every Russian exhibition is always a great challenge. It’s so terribly exciting!»

Девушка с птичкой

«Девушка с птичкой». 1997, оргалит, темпера

The People’s Artist and Academician Oleg Savostyuk is a generous man. He’s always ready to support talented young people. The third part of his personal 80th birthday exhibition consisted of his students’ paintings. In 1962 he became a pedagogue of the Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute. More than a thousand of his past students could settle in art and they’re all proud of being in his class. And this empathy is the real nature of Oleg Savostyuk.