Svyatoslav Belza

Belza Svyatoslav

Svyatoslav Belza

Svyatoslav Belza

Academician and Presidium Member of The Russian Academy of Arts. Born on April 26, 1942 in Chelyabinsk.

Graduated from the Faculty of Philology of the Moscow State University in 1965. People’s Artist of Russia, Honored Arts Worker of Russia, Honored Arts Worker of Ukraine, Honored Culture Worker of Russia.

Irina Arkhipova Foundation Prize Laureate, Moscow State Prize Laureate, Polish Branch of the European Culture Society Award Laureate, Telegrand Prize Laureate, Ovation Award Laureate, Cyril and Methodius International Prize Laureate. Academy of Russian Television Member, Honored Member of Academician of Russian Academy of Beaux-Arts, Union of Writers Member, Union of Russian Journalists Member, Union of Theater Workers Member.

Companion of the Order of Friendship, Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, Order of Peter the Great (1st class), Order of the Saint Prince Daniel of Moscow (3rd class), Order of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker (Ukraine), Honorary Golden Badge of People’s Recognition, Silver Cross of the Order of Maecenas, medals. Presidium Member of the State Prize Committee of the President of Russian Federation.

Svyatoslav Belza is a famous specialist in literature and music, critic and television presenter. He wrote several hundred articles about culture and he is still in form. During last 25 years he doesn’t stay in Moscow longer than a month. He is quick off the mark and regular flights to Japan or America don’t frighten him. He is used to planes and hotels. Between meetings, concerts and shooting he always finds some time to write a foreword to books by Shakespeare, Wilde, Dumas, Kipling, Jules Verne or Stanislaw Lem.

His family line runs back to the ancient times and the city of Belz mentioned in the Tale of Bygone Years. The Brockhaus Encyclopaedia also says about Duchy of Belz. The city was founded in Poland and later became a part of Ukraine. But Svyatoslav Belza was born in Chelyabinsk. Therefore he considers himself a son of Russian, Polish and Ukrainian people. And his merits are recognized in Russia, Poland and Ukraine as well.

There are many renowned and gifted personalities among Svyatoslav Belza’s ancestors. His parents were special people. His father Igor was a famous Encyclopaedist, musician and professorable to lecture in French, Italian and German. His mother Zoya was a member of the Union of Composers and wrote intriguing books about great musicians.

While his classmates played soccer in the backyard, Svyatoslav watched spectacles in the Bolshoi or listened to music in the Moscow Conservatory’s Great Hall with his parents.

He constantly studied music, fencing and went to a special school in Sokolniki. However, he had chosen the Faculty of Philology in Moscow State University. «I guess I was overfed with music, -Svyatoslav once noticed, — but I still love it much.»

His first job was called «The USSR State Archive of Literature and Art archive-technical collaborator». Today he is the member of the RGALI sponsorial council. «I have tender attitude towards archives,» -Svyatoslav Belza says. His home library is filled with books. «My’high heritable disease’is bibliophiiia.»

After graduating from the university he worked at the Gorky Institute of World Literature for 37 years. At the same time he was engaged in journalism and was the Literaturnaya Gazeta foreign culture reviewer during a decade. Then, due to Yuri Senkevitch, television became a big part of his life. In 1988-1996 he created and hosted a popular TV programme Music on Air on Channel One.

But Svyatoslav Belza is also a man of society. He is a member of English and Russian clubs for renowned people of art, business and politics. Svyatoslav Belza has met a lot of great personalities and many of them are his friends. He warmly recalls conversations with writer Graham Greene, tenor Luciano Pavarotti, ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev, singers Irina Arkhipova, Izabella Yuryeva, Ivan Kozlovsky, jazzman George Garanian.

One of the most important moments of his life was his meeting with Kultura TV Channel. «This is the place where I can do things that mean a lot for me. Pardon my immodesty, but I know that people need me. I’m proud of being the part of this TV channel. And its wide recognition and audience make me glad. The channel improved a lot. The TV screen is still a window to the world of culture for many people. Especially, for provinces that I always respected.»

Cameras are often merciless. They show the inner side of a man like an x-ray. As for Svyatoslav, he always looks as an erudite, a refined and strict intellectual. However, Svyatoslav Belza sometimes likes to laugh at himself or even play the rogue.

Belza Svyatoslav

Svyatoslav Belza

Belza Svyatoslav

Svyatoslav Belza

He is proud of his native Chelyabinsk. Ural brought a lot of talents into this world: sculptor Ernst Neizvestny, chess player Anatoly Karpov, singer Alexander Gradsky, bard Oleg Mityaev, jazzmen Anatoly Kroll. cosmonaut Konstantin Feoktistov. Thankful people of Chelyabinsk awarded Svyatoslav the Bright Past Prize — a bronze centaur on a stand made of Uralian stone. It was established for Ural citizens that achieved great success.

It goes without saying that Svyatoslav Belza has many more notable awards. Though the gift from his countrymen is a symbol of people’s recognition and he appreciates that. He considers Russian regions his native land. «I moderated concerts in Paris, London, New York, Warsaw, Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing, Hanoi, Ulan Bator, Vienna… — Svyatoslav says. — But any performances in province are important none the less for me.»

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