Tigran Alikhanov

Alikhanov Tigran

Tigran Alikhanov

Tigran Alikhanov

Academician of The Russian Academy of Arts. Born on January 22, 1943. Pianist lecturer.

Graduated from the Moscow Conservatory (class of Professor L. N. Oborin) in 1966. People’s Artist of Russia. Professor.

Laureate of the Long Thibaud International Contest in Paris.

Musician and Professor of the Moscow State Conservatory Tigran Alikhanov is widely recognized as a symphony and chamber music performer. «Tigran Alikhanov has a serious performing style, with sound fertility of piano and careful attitude towards author’s design,» — his colleague and also a pianist Nikolay Petrov says. Composer Edison Denisov called Alikhanov one of the best pianists he worked with, a reliable musician and a true toiler.

It seems that he had inherited these merits from his father, a famous physicist, a three-time USSR State Prize winner and a Hero of Socialist Labor. Though Abram was totally devoted to science, he was a perceptive lover of art. His friends were Dmitry Kabalevsky, Aram Khachaturyan and Dmitry Shestakovitch, who often visited his home trying to escape the scurry of everyday living. And in

1960s academician Abram Alikhanov was the first person that wrote that a silly controversy between «physicists» and «lyricist» didn’t make any sense.

But his son chose a way of a musician. Just like his mother Slava Roshal, a Moscow Philharmonic soloist and the All-Union Music Performers Competition Laureate. However, his favorite instrument was a piano instead of a violin. And Lev Oborin, one of the pillars of Russian piano school and a friend of the Alikhanov family, became his first and the most respectful teacher. «He was a great teller and you couldn’t help listening to him, — Tigran recalled later. — His characterizations were so precise, figurative and comprehensive that you could remember it for all the rest of your life.»

Music critics suppose that Oborin’s class of that time had a lot of talented students. Tigran Alikhanov had many opponents and struggled for a chance to take part in international competitions. And he won his prize at the Long Thibaud International Contest in Paris after graduating from the Conservatory. That was the beginning of his concert activity.

During his lifetime Tigran Alikhanov always felt how important the support was to young talents. He hadn’t forgot about it when took part in restoration of the Moscow Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, where talented young performers played along famous Russian musicians. «Young conductors have to learn in the orchestra, — Tigran said. — Not beside two grand pianos or in front of the mirror.» Together with conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky they directed the selection of candidates. It all led to a remarkable orchestra that became a highlight of the Moscow Conservatory Grand Hall.

40 years of Tigran Alikhanov’s life were devoted to the Moscow Conservatory of Music. He rose many generations of good musicians being the head of the Chamber Ensemble Department. His authority among colleagues was proved when he got 100 votes more than any other candidates during the Rector Election. Tigran could activate creative energy of students, postgraduates and lecturers. The famous institution was renewed. The science division transformed an old website into a well-known web portal with 3500 daily visitors. A brand new Electro-Acoustic Music Center was opened. The Conservatory released up to twenty annual scientific publications. These reformations were appreciated. Suffice it to say that many lecturers that previously immigrated to foreign countries returned in the Moscow Conservatory.

As the Rector Tigran Alikhanov above all tried to preserve the Russian education achievements. «The Conservatory is the bastion of deep and serious art in the realm of total meanness that invaded our culture, — he said. — Our successes in performing art and music science are evidence of our vitality and correct organization.» Be sure that sometimes Tigran was obliged to search for money in order to repair buildings. But he always was a pianist that wanted to play. He said that a rector couldn’t simply forget his creativity and turn into an official. That would ruin his authority among his colleagues. So he couldn’t let it happen.

The academic village Moszhinka situated near Zvenigorod not far from Moscow is Tigran Alikhanov’s beloved home for many years. As a child, he liked to walk around Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery. From 1992 Moszhinka is a place for chamber music festivals. And Tigran along with a remarkable cellist Alexander Rudin and his orchestra called Musica Viva are among sponsors of these festivals. «At that time I was just a professor in the Conservatory, — Tigran Alikhanov recalls. — And wanted to continue this great venture after becoming the Rector.» Today, always active and intelligent Tigran is also ready to found a choir festival in Zvenigorod.ready to found a choir festival in Zvenigorod.